Teenager explains why she rejected her anti-vax upbringing

Rebecca Thompson-Looij had never had a single vaccination until this year.

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What happens when kids raised in anti-vax households are old enough to make their own decisions? Source: Seven Sharp

The 17-year-old grew up in an alternative community where she was "raised to believe vaccinations were bad in general."

"It was something for me that outsiders did and you didn't want to be one of those outsiders as we lived in a tight-knit alternative community," Rebecca told Seven Sharp.

However, that all changed for her this year.

"My family went on holiday to southeast Asia in April and my mum had been advised by her friends to get vaccinated against some of the diseases there.

"So she took us to the travel doctor who strongly recommended we get vaccinated."

This year she has had roughly 20 injections to cover her Asia trip and to make up for the lack of vaccinations as a youngster.

"If I'd had it done as a child life would be so much easier now," she said.

When asked if her family is happy with her decision, Rebecca said: "My mum is okay with my decision, where as my father is still more alternative and would prefer I didn't get vaccinated. However, he realises that it is my choice."

The teenager had a piece of advice for those in the anti-vax community.

"Just listen to the science, do your bit and keep the community safe please."