Teen window washer dies after being hit by car at Greenlane intersection, in Auckland

A teenage window washer has died of his injuries after he was hit by a car while cleaning in Greenlane, Auckland.

The 16-year-old boy was jogging across the road while looking in the opposite direction when he was struck by a car on Great South Road last week.

He died of his injuries in Auckland Hospital yesterday.

Auckland City East Area Commander Steve Clark says the tragedy serves as a reminder of the risks associated with window washing.

"This is a very dangerous activity which can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences, as pedestrians risk their safety by crossing in front of and around moving vehicles," Inspector Clark says.

Window washing has been made a traffic offence since September.

Those found to be washing or offering to wash a vehicle which has not been legally parked could face a $150 fine, he says. 

Source: 1 NEWS