Ted talkers marvel at Antarctica's landscape on arrival from NZ

A flight containing some of the world's brightest has arrived in Antarctica to raise awareness of climate change at a Tedx event at Scott Base.

The group will take part in survival training on the ice before the first-of-its-kind event on Sunday. Source: 1 NEWS

Former NASA astronaut Dan Barry described the scene as "magnificent desolation".

He was in the cockpit of the Hercules ski plane as it approached Antarctica and marvelled at the scale of the icy landscape from above.

Business leader Claudia Batten said she was surprised how warm it was. It was about -5 degrees Celsius on arrival.

"It's incredible to be here because your brain kind of registers that you're going skiing; the snow bit is familiar, and then you realise you could just basically be on the moon as far as how remote we are," she said.

Tonight, the Ted talkers will spend a night sleeping out on the ice as part of their survival training.

The eclectic mix of speakers, which includes artists, business leaders, scientists, explorers and a former astronaut, have been chosen to help boost the conversation on climate change's global impact.

New Zealand songstress Gin Wigmore will sing at the event's closing.

The first-of-its-kind event marks New Zealand's 60th anniversary of running Scott Base in Antarctica, one of the oldest research stations to exist in the icy continent.

TEDxScottBase will be held this Sunday and broadcast online the next Sunday at three different times so every timezone can view the event.