Tech expert dispels 5G myths after arson attacks on cell phone towers

A technology expert has dispelled 5G myths after a spate of arson attacks on cell phone towers around New Zealand.

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We ask technology expert Paul Brislen. Source: Seven Sharp

Three attacks on towers over the weekend mean there have now been 17 suspected attacks over the past two months.

Paul Brislen, of Brislen Communications, told Seven Sharp there is nothing to fear from 5G technology.

He says 5G runs on the same principles as 4G and television and radio waves that have been transmitting safely for many years now.

"Scientists looking into these things can't find any link to illness or harm caused by these technologies," Mr Brislen says.

"Cell phone use has gone through the roof in the past few years and you would think if there was any harm being done we'd have evidence of it."

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Over the past six weeks, emergency services have been called out to 17 suspicious cell tower fires. Source: 1 NEWS

The fact cell towers are used by emergency services means burning them down could cause real world harm if people aren't able to get through when in need, he said.

Cell tower arson attacks linked to 5G conspiracies 'putting lives at risk'

"Setting fire to cell phone towers is far more dangerous to people's health and wellbeing than any radio waves coming from them, especially in times like this," he said.