Tauranga residents urged to save water as summer sees high demand

Tauranga residents are being urged to conserve water with the town's supply under pressure.

In a statement Tauranga City Council says the supply is "under pressure with high demand and is being monitored closely".

The council warns a sprinkler ban will be put in place if the high usage continues. 

Tauranga City Waters Manager Steve Burton said there were "simple ways to save water" while not negatively impacting the garden.

"If you water your garden, do it in the cooler hours of the day to make every drop count.

"Use a hose rather than sprinklers and use a broom instead of hose when cleaning down outdoor surfaces."

Other tips were to turn the tap off while brushing teeth or shaving and to take shorter showers.

Further south near Nelson will see water restrictions in place next week. After a dry spell in the Waimea Plains residents will be required to cut their water use by 20 per cent

Tap water (file picture). Source: 1 NEWS