Tauranga plumber offering half-price work to struggling families during coronavirus lockdown

One Kiwi tradie is going above and beyond for his community during the coronavirus crisis, offering discounted emergency plumbing work for those who cannot afford to pay standard prices. 

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Tauranga plumber Paul Knight is encouraging those who can to follow suit and do their bit to help Kiwis in need. Source: Breakfast

Tauranga plumber Paul Knight and his team are offering half price on plumbing labour. He told TVNZ1's Breakfast they simply want to help people out. 

"A lot of people are obviously sitting at home on 80 per cent or less of their wages and when something breaks down it's typically not something you would plan for.  

"We thought we could knock half off the labour price, get our boys busy, help people out that can't necessarily afford it." 

But that's not all he and his team are doing. For those that can afford to pay full price for labour, the one half of the cost will be donated to the NZ Women's Refuge. 

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"I was sort of just scrolling on social media ... and came across a friend's post from the Women's Refuge and they were talking about how it's the perfect storm at the moment for women and children at home. Children aren't in school, which is their safe place, and obviously women stuck with their abusers. 

"I just thought it's a situation that's definitely been accentuated and amplified with the lockdown."

The plumbing work that can be done during the lockdown has to be something that is immediate like a burst water main where someone has no water. Because of what he and his team are doing, he said other people have been following suit.  

"It's some positive vibes in a situation that is kind of a scary one."