Tauranga man ordered to pay over $700 after shooting neighbour's dog with shotgun

A Tauranga man has been prosecuted by the SPCA, after shooting his neighbour's dog with a shotgun.

Logan Bragg was found guilty in the Tauranga District Court on September 12, and on Friday was ordered to pay $721.50 to the family, $221.50 towards costs and $500 in emotional reparations to the family.

The incident dates back to 26 March 2017, when Mr Bragg shot the eight-year old boxer named Bourbon in the rear end.

Bourbon's owners found him walking with a bleeding rear and back leg. Veterinary examinations found numerous small entry hole wounds, consistent with that of a shotgun.

Due to his age, Bourbon's owners made the decision to have him humanely euthanised.

Mr Bragg then left a voicemail message on the owners' answering machine, saying that he had "pissed on my furniture again," describing the weapon used to shoot him.

Mr Bragg claimed that Bourbon had charged him in an aggressive manner, a defence that was thrown out by the judge due to the age and docile nature of the dog.

"SPCA is pleased that this sentence includes payment of emotional reparations to Bourbon's family, who were distraught at what their beloved family pet went through," SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen said in a statement.

"It is unacceptable to inflict this level of suffering on an elderly animal simply because they walk onto your property. The defendant should have spoken with his neighbours about Bourbon's behaviour rather than resorting to violence."

Eight-year-old Boxer Bourbon after being shot by his neighbour's shotgun
Eight-year-old Boxer Bourbon after being shot by his neighbour's shotgun Source: SPCA

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