Tauranga business owner tells Seven Sharp about mission to reclaim stolen property

A Mount Maunganui tyre shop owner who filmed himself reclaiming stolen property from alleged thieves who struck in the early hours of this morning says he wasn't nervous about the confrontation.

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Ethan Bryant discovered where his stolen goods were after a tip off on social media. Source: Seven Sharp

Ethan Bryant, owner of Cooper Tyres Mt Maunganui, posted online about the theft, including CCTV images of intruders at his business stealing expensive mag wheels and scrap metal.

He tracked them down using the shop’s CCTV cameras which highlighted the activity at 2.30am – a gentleman "wandering around our stuff," Mr Bryant told Seven Sharp.

"We quickly put two and two together and decided he was the guy we were going to go after," he says.

"We put a post on Facebook and got a call from one of our customers within the first couple of hours of the post being up and they said 'we know where this guy lives, we’ve seen him there before.'"

Long story short, Mr Bryant got an address and shortly afterwards, paid the alleged thief a visit.

“I decided well, there’s no time like the present, better go and get them back before something else happens to them,” he said.

He said he wasn’t nervous about a confrontation. 

"Surely these guys will welcome me with open arms," he thought.

Mr Bryant said he didn’t think the mission to get his tyres back would go that well - after he told the offender to carry the stolen items back to his truck.

"If you’re nice enough to them they’ll do what you say really," he laughed.

Police said they are aware of the video, but that no charges have been laid.