Taupo man killed ex-partner, four-month-old baby and himself in deliberately lit fire




A Taupo house fire that killed a woman and her baby was started by her ex-partner, who also died from the blaze, according to coronial findings.

The fire on the outskirts of Taupo left the house in ruins and lives shattered.
Source: 1 NEWS

The fire on March 17 last year claimed the lives of Katie Rose Bruce, 20, her four-month-old baby Ash David Millar and her ex-partner Scott Dustin Millar.

Two scenarios were put forward by police - including that Millar, 26, intended to cause the death of all three of them, or that he intended to cause the death of only Ms Bruce.

The findings of coroner Wallace Bain - released this week - agreed with the second scenario, that Scott Millar intended to cause the death of Katie Bruce, but not himself and Ash, the findings said.

The police's position also stated that Scott Millar took petrol into the house, Coroner Bain wrote.

Ms Bruce and her baby died in the blaze. Mr Millar suffered severe burns and died later that day at Waikato Hospital.

The findings said that Mr Millar had previously threatened to burn down the house of another woman years earlier.

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