Tattooed man rubbishes Facebook censorship of his bum, says 'if you don't like, don't look'

The man who received a traditional Maori tattoo which was censored by Facebook says if people don't like it, they shouldn't look.

A video of Sweide Lum-Weirepo's traditional puhoro design was taken down by Facebook after someone complained about the nudity. Source: 1 NEWS

Sweide Lum-Wairepo had the puhoro done on his buttocks, thighs and upper back by tattooist Hirini Katene, who posted videos and photos of the work on Facebook.

However, the video was taken down after it was deemed to violate the community guidelines and only the photos have been allowed to remain online.

The video shows the man's back then spins to his front, where he can be seen cupping his genitals to obscure them from the camera.

However, a thatch of pubic hair remains visible.

Mr Lum-Weirepo said that if people didn't like it, they didn't have to watch it.

"I thought it was pretty s*** ... because it's just something cultural," he said.

He said the tattoo represents where he is from and he said he is "blown away" by the quality of the work.

The puhoro, which covers the buttocks, thighs and upper back, was removed because Facebook deemed it too sexually explicit. Source: Te Karere

"If you don't like it, don't look at it."

Mr Katene said some people chose to see the nudity instead of choosing to see the art.

"All they see is bum and a little bit of pubic hair," he said.

"I've just done this amazing piece and that's what I'm trying to show off, nothing else.

"I could have got him in a G-string but then I've covered a bit of my work. Everything you would cover with the G was covered with the hand."

He said the video was not sexualised, unlike other content which sometimes appears on social media.

People interviewed on the street were generally supportive of Mr Katene's stance but some said the video showed more flesh than they would want their children to see.

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