Taste testing lamb bacon – Aotearoa's latest culinary creation

A new form of bacon has come to the rescue of those who don't eat the pork variety.

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There’s a new player on the bacon block that might be for you. Source: Seven Sharp

Lamb bacon is fast finding favour among in the culinary scene around the country.

It uses a cut of meat from the belly and loin that is not often used by home cooks.

"[Lamb bacon producers] Alliance have gone and put it in front of people in a different format so they can use it in the home kitchen ... or restaurant kitchen, in our case," Christchurch's Chillingworth Road chef Darren Wright said.

The big question is what do everyday Kiwis think of lamb bacon?

Seven Sharp reporter Rachel Parkin took to the streets to find out.

Many of those who tried it thought it tasted just like pork bacon, while others could tell it was from a different animal but couldn't put a finger on which one.

Only one man guessed correctly that it was lamb bacon.

Check out the reactions for yourself in the video above.