Taranaki man's pride and joy 'Cybertruck' sold to new owner

A home-made Tesla Cybertruck - as in, an old, broken down Toyota Vitz with plastic covers on it - has sold on Trade Me for $999.

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Merv used scrap metal and the chassis of an old Toyota Vitz for his creation. Source: Seven Sharp

The 2000 Toyota Vitz had seen better days, so seller Sandmerv gave it a spruce up in a style even Elon Musk would appreciate.

"Tesla cyber vitz, runs fine, was rolled a few years back, so I made it look better - that's debatable - 4wd with mean mud tyres," he said.

The comments section has drawn some curly questions for the seller.

"Will I be sued by Elon Musk for driving that?" one person asks. "Probably," the seller simply replied.

Unfortunately, due to not having many of the required safety features, the vehicle is not roadworthy so would have to be used as an art piece instead.