Talented Kiwi teens aiming for dizzy heights at Trampoline World Champs in Bulgaria

You may not even know it's a sport, but two Auckland teens are headed to the Trampoline World Championships next week.

Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson met the talented duo before they leave for the event. Source: Seven Sharp

Sienna French, at just 12-years-old, and her synchronised trampoline teammate Halle Rankin Hastie have both bounced and twisted themselves to the championships.

"You just have to do it, it's in the moment. You can't be scared or else nothing will happen," Sienna says.

Their mums, though, get a little anxious.

"You tend to hold your breath because we've seen them come off a few times, and you don't want them to hurt themselves."

But the Diocesan School for Girls pair weren't always so in synch.

They partnership was actually kind of a mistake.

"I was booked in for a gymnastics class, but there was no space so did a trampoline class, and they asked me to join the club," Sienna says.

Sienna actually confess to fear of heights too.

"I don't know. You just have to push through and keep going," she says.

Their goals at the world champs, and who they can beat, are clear though.

"The Australians!" Halle laughs.