Take a tour of the campground all about sustainability just outside Queenstown

The town of Glenorchy, just outside of Queenstown, has witnessed the opening of a new campground which could set global standards in terms of sustainability.

From solar power and composting toilets, to water treatment and entirely recycled building materials, Camp Glenorchy has been engineered with sustainability in mind.

Camp owners Paul and Debbi Brainerd are looking to make minimal environmental impact with their new project.

"We both believe we're here to give back and we both believe we're here to somehow make a difference," they said.

With 540 solar panels across the site, the couple hope to put more energy back into the grid than they use.

The American owners are former software pioneers turned philanthropists, they've spent four years on the project and will donate all the profits back into the community.

Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult and former Prime Minister Bill English praised the camp at today's opening.

"They're people with huge hearts," Mr English said.

1 NEWS' Jess Cartwright was there for the Glenorchy camp's opening. Source: 1 NEWS

Another assault at an earlier Labour youth event revealed

The sexual assault of four teenagers at an alcohol-fuelled Labour Party youth camp near Waihi three weeks ago is not the first time someone has been assaulted at a young Labour event.

Labour has today revealed claims of another assault at an earlier event.  

"I am aware of an individual that I spoke with today who spoke to me about their experiences at a previous event," said Andrew Kirton, Labour Party General Secretary. 

The victims of both incidents have now been offered help.

Mr Kirton said he has asked them "if they'd like some support and also given them the opportunity to participate in parts of the review".

All Labour Party events are now under review following the latest incident and alcohol may be banned from future camps.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said there are "lots of questions around how it was that we had young people in an environment where there was alcohol - it wasn't provided but it was there - and the way that that alcohol was treated".

"Four of the participants were sexually assaulted and harassed by a 20-year-old man. The fact that that happened is completely unacceptable."

Mr Kirton said alcohol "seemed to be quite excessive at that event".

The party admits it has handled this badly and should have brought in expert support much quicker.

"The organisers had excellent intentions and are good people but we are not professionals and we should have been offering that straight away. There was a delay," Ms Ardern said.

Mr Kirton said the victims didn't want police - or their parents - to know.

"We wanted this to be victim-led response to the young people involved." 

Labour did ask the sexual abuse support group HELP for advice. 

"Those decisions are not straightforward decisions and really there needs to be some independence in the person who's talking that through with you so that you're not...swayed by other concerns," said Katherine McPhillips of HELP. 

Police say they don't need a complaint to investigate 

"Advice is that if something has happened that appears on the face of it to be wrong, then reach out early to us," said Police Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers. 

The man accused of assault has been banned from any future Labour Party events. 


Man dead after car crashes into fence in Morrinsville

A man is dead after a car crashed into a fence in Morrinsville in Waikato today.

The accident happened near Goodwin Ave around 4pm today.

Police say the sole occupant of the car, a man, died at the scene.

The Serious Crash Unit is investigating.

Source: 1 NEWS