Take the Kiwimeter test: The biggest ever survey of NZ's identity

ONE News has today launched Kiwimeter, the biggest survey of national identity ever undertaken in New Zealand.

Kiwimeter is an online Q and A that wants your views on the big issues affecting New Zealand. Source: 1 NEWS

Kiwimeter is an online tool that examines what being a New Zealander means to different New Zealanders.

It’s from the team behind the highly successful Vote Compass survey, which more than 300,000 Kiwis took part in during the last election.

Take the Kiwimeter survey now

John Gillespie, TVNZ’s Head of News and Current Affairs, says he hopes Kiwimeter will spur a lively debate among New Zealanders about our identity, in the same way Vote Compass engaged Kiwis in political conversations.

Source: 1 NEWS

Kiwimeter is a scientific study that will provide a data-driven picture of New Zealand’s national identity, canvassing views on a range of issues including the environment, religion, gender, immigration, poverty and sport.

"We want Kiwimeter to spark a national discussion about who we are as a nation – what makes us tick and what defines us. Questions cover broad opinion areas like whether we’re a just society, how important money is, what symbols resonate with us, how Kiwi society has changed, whether we look at the world differently,” Gillespie says.

After completing the survey, the tool places participants in one of six groups which place people with similar views alongside each other.

Kiwimeter has been developed following a ground breaking local pilot study which was completed by 11,000 respondents.

Gillespie says: “ONE News is committed to delivering Kiwis the news that matters to them. Kiwimeter will help us tap into the wide range of views held by various groups of New Zealanders and help us stay connected to the issues we most care about as a nation."

Vox Pop Labs is an independent and non-partisan team of political scientists who have been commissioned by ONE News, with input from political scientists from Victoria University and the University of Auckland.

The tool is available now here: