'Take no notice and keep up that positive spin' - Jacinda Ardern supporters quick to quash message from strange hate mail




Labour Party deputy leader Jacinda Ardern has had an outpouring of support after posting a bizarre anonymous letter sent to her. 

Ms Ardern romped home in the by-election yesterday, collecting a large portion of the votes.

Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Ardern received a strange message written in capitals which said, "WHO WOULD VOTE FOR A WOMAN WHO HAS A MOUTH LIKE A HORSE (OR DONKEY)."

Under it was a roughly attached newspaper clipping from the Weekend Dominion Post, "The hoopla over the new Labour Party leadership recalls the old saying - no matter if you put lipstick on a donkey he is still a donkey."

The clipping was an extract from the 'To The Point' section on March 11. 

Below the clipping was a small picture of Ms Ardern. 

In a Facebook and Instagram post she wrote: "To my anonymous correspondent - the irregular use of capitals and slightly off centre clippings in this letter really bothers me. Please pay more attention next time. #itsthelittlethings."

Her post got more than 6,000 reactions and over 1,000 comments of mostly positive support, as well as almost 1,000 likes on Instagram. 

Comments read:

Simon Kerr: "Since when has politics been about looks anyway? It only seems to be an issue when women have leadership roles. Staggering double standards."

Graduate Women New Zealand: "Well done to Jacinda Ardern for responding so gracefully to her hate-mail... cannot believe this kind of thing still happens!?! Is it 1957 or 2017?"

Garry Hall: "Obviously a bully carried over from the school yard who hasn't grown up, is fearfully jealous of you but can not deal with your success as a mature adult. As they say Jacinda, jealousy is a bitter pill to swallow."

Emma Dudfield: "They're just taking cheap shots cause they can't find any weakness in your workmanship. Childish really. Take no notice & keep up that positive spin - you're beautiful."

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