Take a look at Queenstown's new million-dollar playground

Queenstown opened its new million-dollar playground today in the Queenstown gardens.

The original budget for the Queenstown Playspace was $670,000, but extra construction costs saw the bill rise to $1,000,000 to complete.

It’s located right on Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown Bay, and designers of the new attraction said the space is a reflection of its natural environment.

“The whole Playspace is about multi-sensory experience, so we've got acoustic musical sort of things, bells on the bridges as you bounce across,” said playground designer Garth Falconer. “It’s also a tactile thing with rough and smooth textures, as well as the old favourites, like the swings and the slides that we all love.”

The previous playground on the site was 22-years-old and the council said it was in need of a redevelopment. The new playground is much bigger with new activities, more seating and added walkways.

Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult said the playground is in sync with the Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan and offered something for kids of all ages.

“With a million locals and visitors passing by we wanted to provide an exciting, innovative and fun space for them to stop in and enjoy as a family,” said Mayor Boult. “This playground will assist in creating a CBD that families want to congregate and spend time in, and celebrates the unique Queenstown environment.”

The Queenstown District Council is still deciding on a formal name for the new playground.

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Located on Lake Wakatipu, the playground cost $1 million, up from an original estimate of $670,000. Source: 1 NEWS