Taika Waititi and Dame Jane Campion join list of Kiwis signing letter urging PM to end oil exploration

New Zealand film directors Taika Waititi and Dame Jane Campion are the latest high profile Kiwis to sign an open letter urging Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to end oil and gas exploration.

Taika Waititi and Dame Jane Campion.

According to Greenpeace more than 60 notable Kiwis including scientists, health professionals, iwi leaders, politicians, actors Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm, musician Tiki Taane, and unions have put their names to the letter which encourages the Prime Minister and her government to take action on climate change.

Screenwriter, producer and director Dame Campion believes tackling climate change is a necessity.

"For me, supporting my Prime Minister's aim to more strongly and decisively to address climate change is a clear necessity; I want my daughter and all others to inherit a viable planet. Nothing on this earth is more important."

Climate change scientist Professor James Renwick, says New Zealand needs to take urgent action to address climate change by ending oil and gas exploration.

"All nations need to reduce carbon emissions as soon as possible and New Zealand can show the world how it's done," he says.

Greenpeace Executive Director, Russel Norman, says the world cannot afford to burn the existing reserves of fossil fuels.

"The Pacific is on the frontlines of climate change and we must act swiftly to for our part in the global fight to slow down and mitigate the effects we're already experiencing."

The letter remains open for signatures, before being formally handed to the Prime Minister.