Tagged war memorial to be covered up for Anzac Day



It's a disturbing sight for many locals and RSA members - the New Brighton war memorial covered with graffiti.

The New Brighton war memorial will be partially covered on Anzac Day as the council has been unable to remove graffiti left three years ago.
Source: 1 NEWS

The war memorial in Christchurch was defaced three years ago but hasn't been able to be cleaned up.

The New Brighton Business and Landowners Association manager Paul Zaanen says because of the porous limestone the graffiti can't be removed as it'd damage the rock.

Mr Zaanen says he's had dozens of requests from community members calling for action.

"It's a despicable act," says Mr Zaanen. "It's absolutely disgusting. Whoever has done it I think will be ashamed of it for the rest of their lives."

All four sides of the war memorial were tagged.

Mr Zaanen says he's asked the Council to cover it up for the Anzac centenary next week.

He says he understands the Council will cover the graffitied bits up with "attachable panels."

Local RSA members are angry.

"These young people haven't got any grasp of what their forefathers did for this country. If it wasn't for them they wouldn't have the freedoms they've got today," says New Brighton RSA President Bill Lochrie.

"If they catch him he should come up here one Anzac Day and face the crowd."

Alan Cameron, a committee member for New Brighton RSA, says the tagging is an insult to every New Zealander.

The New Brighton Working Mens Club President says the old soldiers would "turn over in their graves."

The memorial has been standing since 1925 and was unveiled by Governor-General Sir Charles Fergusson.

One News has sought comment from Christchurch City Council in regards to any long-term plans for the war memorial.

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