'Symbol of vibrant future' - First images of preliminary design for renovated Christchurch Cathedral Square revealed

The first design images for the renovation of Christchurch Cathedral Square have been released today, with a large wooden lattice style structure neighbouring a fully restored Anglican Cathedral.

Greenery, paved public spaces and potential pavilion are in the plans, but progress on the Cathedral itself is stalled. Source: 1 NEWS

Regenerate Christchurch chief executive Ivan Iafeta said the preliminary design images released are "aspirational" and could change, but their first goal is for the social regeneration of the square.

"There is already significant investment occurring around the Square. The most practical way to support that investment is to commit to a long-term vision over time while, in the meantime, getting more happening there and making it a place for the people again," Mr Iafeta said.

The regeneration of the square, and the restoration of the Cathedral damaged in the 2011 quake, will need to be delivered in stages as funding allows, Mr Iafeta said.

Artist's vision of the gardens outside Christchurch's Anglican Cathedral once it's finally restored. Source: 1 NEWS

Regenerate Christchurch will work with Christchurch City Council to develop and deliver the eventual regeneration.

"To be regenerated, the Square cannot remain symbolic of the city's loss and instead needs to be a strong symbol of the vibrant future of the centre of our city. The long-term vision will provide the impetus and drive for the public and private sectors to work toward a common goal," Mr Iafeta said.

The new central library (Tūranga) is currently being built on the north side of the square and construction of the Convention Centre (Te Pae) is well under way.

Private property owners and developers have committed to developments on the south side of the square that will include Redson Corporation's new Aotea Gifts building and Nexus Point’s Spark building.

Ground view of a possible design for the "regenerated" Christchurch Cathedral Square. Source: Supplied

"As we saw with the Lantern Festival earlier this year, people will come to the central city if they have a good reason, and having more people coming to this area will further support the significant private and public investment already being made," Mr Iafeta said.

Birdseye view of a possible design for the "regenerated" Christchurch Cathedral Square. Source: Supplied