'Sweating it slightly' - Green Party appeals for strategic voting to secure Parliamentary future

Green Party officials are spending the final days of the campaign encouraging people to vote strategically, and Green, saying that's the best way to ensure Jacinda Ardern as the Prime Minister. 

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That’s the best way to ensure Jacinda Ardern stays as PM, party officials say, but the Labour leader has a different idea. Source: 1 NEWS

But the Labour leader has a different idea.

This time next week the Greens could be forming the next Government - or they could be out on their ear. 

Co-leader James Shaw admits the pressure is on.

"We are sweating it slightly with that five per cent threshold at the moment, so we do need that support," he told 1 NEWS.

With that in mind, the party was telling Victoria University students today if they really want Ardern as Prime Minister, they should vote Green.  

"When you're voting for the Green Party, you're adding our votes to the Labour votes," Shaw says.

"My pitch, and Jacinda will give you the opposite pitch in 10 minutes, is that you add the Green vote to the Labour vote and that's how we form a majority."

Sure enough, when Ardern took the stage moments later, her call was for two ticks Labour.

"Is that good strategy? The simplest answer, of course, voting for Labour is how you bring me in as the Labour leader," she says.

Marama Davidson, the other Green Party co-leader, says people don't want a one-party Government.

"We know that people do want to see more than one party hold all the power and we are at risk of that unless we see a strong Green vote."

In the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll, people were asked: Do you prefer the idea of a Government formed from a single party or from a coalition. 

It was a close race; 47 per cent preferred a coalition, while 43 per cent said they would prefer a single-party Government. The rest didn't know. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 88 per cent of Green Party voters preferred the idea of a coalition Government.