Suspicious packages spark Ebola fears in Auckland, Wellington

Two suspicious packages have sparked an Ebola scare in Auckland and Wellington today.

This photo provided by the CDC shows an ebola Virus. Source: Associated Press

A small amount of liquid in a plastic bottle was sent to the New Zealand Herald, with police called to the mailroom around 9.30am.

The package also contained documents, one of which made mention of Ebola, the deadly virus that has killed thousands in west Africa.

"As a precaution, the bottle and its contents were secured by police and transferred to ESR where it will be swabbed for DNA and checked for fingerprints before being sent to Melbourne for testing," a police statement said. "Results are expected within days."

Police have confirmed a similar package was also sent to Parliament, with the Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team called in to secure the package this afternoon. 

They say the package contained a document and a small plastic bottle with liquid in it, similar to the package sent to the NZ Herald.

An investigation is now underway to work out if there is a link between the two packages.

The Ministry of Health earlier said there was no Ebola scare in New Zealand after Sky News Australia had reported that a suspected sample had been sent to Melbourne for testing.

"There is no Ebola case in New Zealand; there is no Ebola sample," spokesperson Kevin McCarthy told ONE News.