Survivor who lost wife in Christchurch terrorist attack writes book he hopes will inspire others to choose peace and love

A book written by Christchurch terrorist attack survivor Farid Ahmed, a senior member of Al Noor Mosque known for his decision to forgive the shooter, is now on sale.

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Author Farid Ahmed’s wife Husna died in the attack on March 15, 2019. Source: 1 NEWS

Titled "Husna’s Story: My wife, the Christchurch massacre and my journey to forgiveness", the book tells the story of Farid’s late wife Husna, who died in the attack on March 15 last year.

All royalties are being donated to St John Ambulance.

Mr Ahmed says the biographical work is intended to honour his “brave” and “resilient” wife, who “always put other people before her”.

“It took me five and a half months because I wanted to get it done as soon as possible,” he said.

“After darkness I used to close the door, and I used to sob, and sob and write, it was a very emotional thing.”

The couple were worshiping in separate rooms at Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave on March 15 last year when a shooter opened fire.

Despite being wheelchair-bound, Mr Ahmed managed to escape. However, his wife, who had escorted the women and children to safety, was killed as she returned to try and save him.

Mr Ahmed later revealed he had forgiven the shooter in an astonishing address to the national memorial service, which was shared all over the world, stating: “I have chosen peace, I have chosen love, and I have forgiven.”

Farid Ahmed and his late wife Husna. Source: 1 NEWS

That same sentiment is a central tenant of his book, which covers everything from the couple’s journey from Bangladesh to New Zealand, to their struggles after Mr Ahmed was hit by a drunk driver in Nelson in 1998.

It also deals extensively with the concept of forgiveness, with Mr Ahmed revealing he made the decision to “choose peace” even while the attack was taking place.

“I was feeling for all the victims, but I was also feeling for [the shooter],” he said.

“My deep belief is each and every human being is my human brothers and human sisters.

“His heart has been taken over by hate, by anger, so his heart is also a victim, and there's no peace in him, that's why his action is opposite to a peaceful person.”

The new author hopes to inspire his readers to follow in his wife’s example, saying she chose to be a positive person, despite losing both of her parents at a young age.

“Her story will inspire a lot of people like me - that life has ups and downs, but we always should be positive like her, we always should fight back, make things matter.”