Survivor of Christchurch terrorist attack hoping for answers in Royal Commission of Inquiry's findings

A survivor of the Christchurch terror attacks wants answers, as the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the attacks handed its findings to Government today.

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It will be released publicly soon, carrying the hopes of many survivors. Source: 1 NEWS

The findings will be released publicly soon and carries the hopes of many survivors, who are still searching for answers.

Fifty-one people were killed in shootings carried out by a terrorist at two Christchurch mosques on March 15, 2019.

The families and survivors say they just want the truth, no matter how hard it is to read.

“I'm only after the truth, and justice, and all darkness come into the light, that's all,” survivor Temel Atacocugu said.

It is a big moment for those affected.

Aya Al-Umari, who lost her brother Hussein, was one of many on a reference group, advising the commissioners.

“My motto is at least I did my part, and if I can change one thing, or one person, then that's my mission accomplished and it all starts from someone,” she said.

The commission has been looking into the attacks since April last year, investigating whether state agencies like the police and the security intelligence service could have prevented the shootings.

“I still questioned in my mind why this has happened, I still didn't find out the answer. Maybe the answer in that report,” Atacocugu said.

The 792-page report, delivered to the Governor-General today, is the result of over 400 meetings and interviews.

Many were summonsed to appear, then put under oath, as they tested their evidence and worked to elicit information.

The work has been exhaustive, with 73,000 pages of evidence read, and 217 public sector agencies asked to provide information.

“We have to be honest on reading this report, and we have to be brave in the actions that we take with a view to more inclusive multi-culturalism,” Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt said.