Surge in national pride and willingness to support NZ businesses during pandemic

There's been a surge in national pride amongst Kiwis following the Government's decision to extend the Alert Level 4 lockdown by a week, with more people also saying they're more likely to shop and holiday locally after the crisis.

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The latest Colamr Brunton poll results also show more Kiwis are likely to shop locally and holiday in New Zealand. Source: Breakfast

New Zealand will move to Level 3 after 11.59pm on Monday April 27, meaning while people are still asked to stay in their bubbles where they can, some people can head back to work, schools will reopen for some and more ways to shop will be made available. 

Following the announcement earlier in the week, more than 600 New Zealanders were surveyed on Monday and Tuesday about the Government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Results showed 87 per cent of people backed the Government in its management of the crisis, up from 84 per cent two weeks ago.

When asked about the reasons for our relative success, 80 per cent of respondents attributed it to effective action taken early on. There is also a sense everyone is pulling their weight and that Kiwis are prepared to do what it takes to help eliminate Covid-19 from New Zealand.

"I think there really is that sense of national pride. We're giving ourselves, if you like, a collective pat on the back," Colmar Brunton's research director Edward Langley told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning.

He also said support from New Zealanders for the Government's actions also outstrips the G7 average of 50 per cent.

Mr Langley said more people are willing to support New Zealand's economy by shopping and holidaying locally in the future.

Poll results showed three in five, or 60 per cent, of Kiwis plan to support their locally owned and New Zealand owned businesses.

"We want to help get us back on our feet economically," Mr Langley said.

"I feel like this period of lockdown has given us the chance to think and reflect upon our lives and we've made a lot of, if you like, Covid resolutions in terms of how we'd like to live our lives."

Forty per cent of people also said they were less likely to holiday overseas after the pandemic, instead preferring to holiday in New Zealand to support the local economy and tourism industry.