Supervisors 'egged on' schoolgirl during striptease - witness

Female supervisors and a male coach "egged on" an Auckland private schoolgirl as she performed a striptease on a Rotorua street, a witness claims.

Female supervisors and a male coach "egged on" a schoolgirl as she performed a striptease, a witness claims. Source: Breakfast

St Cuthbert's says it is investigating after the teenager stripped down to her underwear in front of oncoming vehicles on Fenton St on Tuesday apparently as part of an initiation into the school's football team during college winter tournament week.

The team's male coach has been stood down over the incident.

Ruthy Arrowsmith watched the events unfold and says the St Cuthbert's schoolgirl was with a group of girls who jumped out of school vans along with some adults who appeared to be supervisors.

The group formed a circle around the girl while she stripped down and put on black stockings, a dog collar, a tiny bikini top and several other clothes.

Ms Arrowsmith said the girl, who is thought to be aged 14 or 15, then walked onto the traffic island on a busy street and held up a sign which read "toot for a strip" and started taking her clothes off as cars beeped their horns.

Ms Arrowsmith told TV ONE's Breakfast that two female supervisors and the male coach were with the students and "they were egging them on, that's what concerns me".

Ms Arrowsmith says she approached one of the female supervisors and questioned her about the incident and the age of the girls.

"And she (the supervisor) started to tell me about how they were doing a thing like the Amazing Race, it was an initiation to their sports club down here, because they were down here for an event, they started to run through supermarkets without clothes on and tying themselves to poles and doing all sorts of things. They thought it was really funny."

Social media users said on the ONE News Facebook page that they were "horrified" over the incident, and said the coach should be ashamed of himself and should be sacked.

Dee Wakelin posted: "As an ex pupil I am horrified this was thought to be ok by the other girls. The 'contracted coach' is clearly at fault for allowing this but the culture of the school needs some serious work if the senior girls believe this to be ok.

"Disgraceful behaviour for any teenage girl. I'm sure she will regret it in years to come."

Principal Lynda Reid described it as "a very serious lapse in judgement" and very disappointing. She said the school is still trying to work out exactly what did happen.