Super flu strain leaves NZ hospitals with massive leap in admissions




A particularly nasty strain of the flu has hospitals around the country feeling the strain, with double the number of patient admissions as this time last year.

A particularly nasty strain of flu is overloading hospitals throughout the country
Source: Seven Sharp

The nature of this super flu has caused concern for GP’s because of the time it’s taking for the thousands affected to shake it.

“This year we're getting really sick and it seems to be mostly influenza A,” Dr Jodie O’Sullivan says, who works as a GP in Auckland’s Mt Eden.

“The vaccine that we have that has been preventing these kind of outbreaks hasn't had the right mix of in it this year.”

The super flu is taking hospital emergency departments and wards by storm, with around 200 people being admitted each week.

This is double the number for the same time last year.

The highest flu rates this season have been recorded in Auckland, Waikato and Wellington.

But while there are medications to ease the symptoms, there is still no cure.

“You can’t get rid of it, it’s a virus so you just need to survive it,” Dr O’Sullivan says.

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