Suhayra Aden and kids must do two weeks in MIQ

Suhayra Aden and her children will undergo two weeks in MIQ upon their return into the country. 

Source: 1 NEWS

It was confirmed on Monday that Aden, who had alleged ties with ISIS, is returning to New Zealand from Turkey

Currently, almost everyone returning into New Zealand except for a limited time, groups such as Kiwis in Australia outside NSW, and people coming from the Cook Islands, must go through two weeks of MIQ. 

Joint Head of MIQ Brigadier Rose King said that requirement applies to Aden and her family. 

"The vast majority of people returning to New Zealand must undergo at least 14 days in a managed isolation facility."

King said no other details would be made public to maintain privacy. 

Police on Monday confirmed an investigation is underway, but would not comment further on the situation. 

In February, the situation developed into a high profile spat with Australia after the country scrapped her once dual-citizenship, leaving her with just New Zealand citizenship.