Suggestion of compulsory vaccination is 'abhorrent' - anti-vax campaigner

The organiser of screenings of a controversial anti-vaccination film says suggestions that vaccination should become compulsory are "abhorrent".

Tricia Cheel held another public screening of Vaxxed last night, days after Dr Lance O'Sullivan interrupted a Kaitaia screening. Source: Breakfast

Tricia Cheel has been running screenings of Vaxxed in Northland this week, including one screening in Kaitaia on Monday which was interrupted by Dr Lance O'Sullivan, who vehemently opposes the anti-vaccination movement.

Dr O'Sullivan says taxpayer-funded healthcare professionals had no place being at a screening of 'Vaxxed' in Kaitaia. Source: 1 NEWS

Dr O'Sullivan, the 2014 New Zealander of the Year for this work in public health, is now suggesting that vaccination is made compulsory.

However, Ms Cheel is sticking to her guns and says she disagrees strongly.

Hilary Barry and Jack Tame give their two cents to the screening of an anti-vaccination movie. Source: Breakfast

"The idea of compulsory vaccination is abhorrent to so many people and it destroys our freedom of choice," she said.

The topic of vaccination has been widely discussed this week following Dr O'Sullivan's actions, with many parties weighing in on the debate.