Sugary drinks to be scrapped from Auckland Council vending machines in move to fight obesity

Auckland Council has announced it is removing all sugary drinks from vending machines at council-run leisure centres, starting in South Auckland.

The move will cut out an estimated 340 kilograms of refined sugar a year in the council's battle to fight obesity and diabetes.

The council has 21 leisure centres and says it doesn't fit to sell sugary drinks in places where it is trying to support healthier lifestyles.

"We're not telling people what to drink, but we are offering them better choices in our facilities that are focused on health," says council chief executive Stephen Town.

The drinks will instead be replaced with water, unflavoured milk, 100 per cent fruit juice, diluted fruit juice with no added sugar and artificially sweetened soft drinks.

The removal of the sugar-sweetened drinks will roll out between this month and October starting in South Auckland, with all centres offering healthier choices in time for the peak summer season.

The council is also in discussions with relevant food operators at the centres over healthier food options.

Auckland Council currently has 15 vending machines with 14 of them happening to be in South Auckland, a legacy of the previous council.

All sugary drinks will be removed from council-run leisure centres. Source: 1 NEWS