Sue Moroney 'disappointed' paid parental bill voted down

Labour MP Sue Moroney is disappointed her bill proposal for parental leave was defeated in Parliament last night.

Parliament voted down Ms Moroney's bill to extend paid leave to 26 weeks.

Act leader David Seymour voted with the Government to reject the bill.

"I'm naturally disappointed that after battling for three years to extend paid parental leave, my Member's Bill was defeated," Ms Moroney says.

"It's disappointing for these New Zealand families that they will have to wait longer for extended paid parental leave just because National won't vote for a Labour Bill.

"It is mean-spirited of the Government to play politics with people's lives, when those families need that support now," she says.

National MP Michael Woodhouse's comments that he may consider extending paid parental leave to 26 weeks for parents of premature babies, multiple birth babies and babies born with disabilities has "buoyed" Ms Moroney.

ONE News Facebook readers are also behind that move, saying it's commonsense to give people in special circumstances extended leave.

"Do you think parents would appreciate more time with their kids EVER!? No brainier," says Chickee Leaf.

"Yes! My maternity leave was used up even before I got to bring my prem babies home!" posted Alicia Howard.

"Yes yes yes. Its extremely harder for those families," wrote Rochelle Phillips.

However, others believe it should be extended for everyone.

"If they are going to extend it,it should be for every baby," says Raewyn Martin.

"It should be extended for everyone.. 3 month old babies shouldn't have to go to daycare its a joke," says Halie Joanna de Lara-Bell.

A newborn baby being passed to its mother. Source: Sunday

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