'Subtle but beautiful' Aurora Australis graces Otago sky for Waitangi weekend

A stunning timelapse video and photographs have captured the "subtle but beautiful" Southern Lights across Otago this Waitangi weekend.

The Southern Lights, also known as Aurora Australis, are a fairly common sight for photographers in the south, with small geomagnetic storms happening quite frequently.

Images of the "subtle but beautiful Waitangi weekend display" were shot from Smails Beach early this morning by Otago Museum director Ian Griffin using a five-second exposure time.

The Aurora Australis. Source: Otago Museum / Ian Griffin

Griffin said on Twitter that a "green glow" began to appear in the sky from 10.20pm yesterday.

The Aurora Australis at around 10.20pm across Otago last night. Source: Otago Museum / Ian Griffin

"By 22:58 the sky was starting to get rather interesting, and aforementioned heart of this aged reporter started to beat even faster. I may even have shouted 'Yeah!' Or perhaps even 'yee haw,'" he said.