Study suggests almost 70 per cent of Kiwis support euthanasia or assisted dying

A new study suggests a majority of New Zealanders support euthanasia or assisted dying. 

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Otago University researchers looked into research of Kiwi attitudes to euthanasia over the past 20 years.

It found across all surveys an average of 68.3 per cent of respondents were in support of euthanasia, 14.9 per cent opposed legalising euthanasia and 15.7 per cent were either neutral on the topic or unsure. 

The research compiled the results of 36,304 respondents. 

Research Fellow Jessica Young said it showed "a majority of the public are open to the possibility of legislative change". 

It comes as the End of Life Choice Bill goes through Parliament. 

"It is less clear what forms of euthanasia or assisted dying New Zealanders think should be available, or when and how it should be accessible, though some form of regulation is expected."

Most respondents were asked if doctors should assist a patient who is terminal or incurable, or they are in pain to die, at their request. 

See the research here.

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