Students to show support for Muslim community in 'Christchurch March for Love'

Christchurch students have organised a "March for Love" this Saturday in support of those affected by the mosque shootings last week.

St Andrew's College student Ella Clearwater is helping organise the event. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and has strong ties with the Muslim community.

"When I found out the people I grew up with were targeted I knew I wanted to do something to spread love and show my support", she told 1 NEWS.

A week ago, thousands of students were marching for climate change. Their event was overshadowed by the gunman attacking two Christchurch mosques, killing 50 people and wounding dozens of others.

Now student organisers are calling for the city’s youth to reunite to show their support to the Muslim community. Over 13,000 people have expressed their interest on the event’s Facebook page.

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The march has the support of the Christchurch City Council and Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

"They're asking people to wear bright colours in order to show an expression of support for diversity and for the optimistic future of us coming together" the Mayor said.

The Christchurch March for Love will start at 10am at North Hagley Park with performances and speeches before attendees walk down Rolleston Ave to the flower wall outside the Botanical Gardens.

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Student organisers ask people to wear bright colour to symbolise diversity and optimism. Source: 1 NEWS