Students set to join climate change activist Ollie Langridge on his 100th day protesting outside Parliament

Hundreds of school students are set to join climate change activist Ollie Langridge in his 100th day of sitting outside New Zealand's Parliament next Friday.

Mr Langridge is demanding the Government declare a climate change emergency and won't leave until it does.

On July 28 the father of five became the longest running protestor outside Parliament, clocking up 74 days.

School Strike 4 Climate NZ said in a statement today its demanding the Government acknowledge the magnitude of the climate crisis by declaring a nationwide climate emergency.

"The group wants to show Ollie support, aroha, and respect for his vigil, and they are inviting everyone to do so with them on his 100th day," the statement said.

Hundreds of school strikers are expected to stand in solidarity on Parliament lawn, as well as other students throughout the planning events in their own communities on the same day.

"We are standing with Ollie to show that we are a united force of people all fighting for our planet, our homes, our futures," Sophie Handford, coordinator SS4C NZ, said.

"The science could not be clearer: we are on the brink of irreversible, catastrophic change. We need to call Climate Change what it is: a crisis, an emergency.

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School Strike 4 Climate Change organisers Sophie Handford and Raven Maeder joined Breakfast this morning to discuss the impact of climate change on their generation. Source: Breakfast

"Declaring a Climate Emergency will set the narrative for the urgent action that is needed to respond to climate change. The threshold of 1.5 degrees warming means crossing a point of no return for our Earth. We simply cannot afford to continue with business as usual."

Tony Huang, also of SS4C NZ, said "It is an emergency, and those making our country’s decisions need to act like it".

Mr Langridge's 100th day is just five weeks out from the Intergenerational Strike for Climate being organised by SS4C NZ on September 27 where thousands of students will come together again to demand climate justice, with unions, parents, teachers, workers and grandparents standing united too.

"Climate change will affect us all, and for many it already is, as is the case for Pasifika peoples, so on September 27th, we will show that we are an undivided force of New Zealanders, demanding climate justice to protect our collective home, before it is too late," Sophie said.

In the lead up to September 27th’s Strike 4 Climate, SS4C NZ will be launching a campaign to ask why people will be taking climate action. "What’s Your Why?" will ask New Zealanders why they are standing up for climate justice. They are asking people from throughout New Zealand to tell them their stories and their reason for demanding action. 

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Ollie Langridge is demanding the Government declare a climate change emergency. Source: 1 NEWS