Students at Auckland's Glenfield College getting themselves financially sorted

Learning about financial responsibility is incredibly important.

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They’re becoming financially fit in maths, social studies and even physical education. Source: Seven Sharp

Research shows the ages of 16-24 are a debt danger period - so, students on Auckland's North Shore are getting themselves "sorted"- learning about how to manage money in a relevant way. 

At Glenfield College, they're becoming financially fit in maths, social studies and even in physical education.

Luke Gardner is the head teacher rolling out "Sorted in Schools" at Glenfield College.

"We've been looking at things like savings from a part time job, saving up for a holiday or even a new phone. It makes it really relevant to them."

This is the first Government-funded financial capability programme to be linked directly to the curriculum.

The free, optional programme is aimed at those seen as being at a financially vulnerable age.

"Young New Zealanders have never been without amazing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but those same platforms leave them particularly vulnerable to things like high interest credit loans and we want young New Zealanders to be aware of what those products are and how they can impact their futures," says Nick Thomson, of the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC).