Student stood down over Sonny-Bill Williams inspired haircut

A fashionable new haircut sported by superstar Sonny-Bill Williams has caused a stir at Fielding High School for all the wrong reasons.

Dylan Finlayson, 15, has been told he will not able to attend class until he changes his hairstyle.

The school rules required boys' hair to be clean, well groomed, cut clear of the collar, kept clear of the eyes and face, and "extremes of fashion may not be acceptable."

Dylan's mother Alicia Jacobs says she plans to cut her son's hair rather than fight the rules.

Presenter of Maori Television's Native Affairs, Mihingarangi Forbes tweeted this morning, "My old school-Feilding High School Principal stands down student over haircut. Why am I not surprised?"

Lucan Battison sparked debate when his parents sought a judicial review after he was suspended for refusing to cut his hair.

Saint John's College in Hastings was ordered to pay $24,000 in costs after losing the legal battle against Mr Battison and his family.

Principals' Federation President Phil Harding said in June that all schools will think very carefully about the judgment.

"They will look at it very closely and make sure their rules are sensible," Mr Harding said.

Sonny Bill Williams speaks to Seven Sharp. Source: Seven Sharp

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