Strong 6.2 quake sends kids, Parliamentarians and others scuttling, but no major damage

Relive how reaction to today's big 6.2 quake in the central North Island unfolded.

4.30pm: So a big shock in Taumarunui, Wellington and elsewhere this afternoon after a 6.2 magnitude shortly after 3pm. But at a depth of 207kms, there has been no real damage reported to authorities and no injuries reported. That concludes our live updates coverage of this story, thanks for reading and watching. Cheers.

4.27pm: More from Kris Faafoi: "After a decent quake, we know there's a decent chance of aftershocks, just be prepared.

"If there are some more, just drop, covering and holding."

On possible damage he said: "If there was anything major we'd probably know that by now, but teams are still working on the ground just assessing things."

4.22pm: KiwiRail has temporarily closed a section of the North Island Main Trunk line between Mangaweka and Te Kuiti to allow inspections of the line to take place in the wake of this afternoon’s earthquake.

4.21pm: Civil Defence Minister Kris Faafoi says at this stage there are no reports of damage and no tsunami threat.

He said they were asking people to be cautious of after shocks.

"People might be a little nervy, and that's understandable.

"Look after each other."

4.15: School kids under desks in Paraparaumu during the quake...

4.14pm: Fire and Emergency says they’ve had no call outs regarding the earthquake.

My friend in Palmerston North felt the earthquake during an exam and said it lasted a couple of minutes.
She says it started off feeling like rolling movement then it got sharper. It then stopped and started again.

4.03pm: Civil Defence Minister Kris Faafoi will hold a press conference in 10 minutes, you can watch it live here.

3.59pm: The quake was also felt in Nelson....

3.52pm: The quake was centred 25kms south-west of Taumarunui. But at 207kms deep, only one hotel in Taumarunui felt the earthquake and there were no reports of damage.

The local Four Square also said they felt a small quake but had no reports of damage.

3.45pm: This from Jacinda...

3.42pm: Our Foreign Editor's auntie Ann Wiggins in Owhango, near Taumarunui, when asked if she felt it: "Yes sure did, it was strange, a slow rocking, not our usual quake!!"

3.41pm: This from GNS...

3.37pm: This from Civil Defence Minister Kris Faafoi..

3.35pm: This is the moment Parliament felt the big shake...

3.33pm: This from Metlink Wellington...

3.31pm: Geonet tweets the quake was felt widely.

3.30pm: Geonet has revised the quake to magnitude 6.2 at a depth of 207km.

3.26pm: Wellingtonians say the tremor lasted for at least a minute.

3.24pm: Parliament suspended as deep 6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes near Wellington.

Geonet says the strong quake at 3.13pm was located 35 km south-west of Taumarunui at a depth of 193 km.

More than 7,000 people have reported feeling the quake.