Strategies for saying 'no' to your kids at Christmas from a parenting expert

Kids are all about the presents at Christmas, but why does the modern child expect more than previous generations? 

Parenting expert Jenny Hale told TVNZ 1's Breakfast this morning families have to work within a discussed budget. 

"That shouldn’t just happen at Christmas time when you’re disappointed with the fact that you haven’t got all that they want."

Ms Hale said what matters is children getting the sense of their parents working within a budget. 

"We can actually use terminology to help children adjust to the fact that they may not be getting all that all their other friends are getting.

"Handle that pressure to compare to have what they have with others." 

She said it is important to let the children know that you are interested in what they would like. 

"Children really love to be listened to." 

She said you can then have a conversation about what presents they can have but "maybe not all of them." 

Ms Hale said a strategy is to let them know you are saving for something else for them. 

"It's a sense of delayed gratification." 

Jenny Hale said it's important to listen to what children would like under the tree, whether possible or not. Source: Breakfast