Stowaway cat found after truck travels from Palmerston North to Auckland

The SPCA is trying to find the owner of a cat who snuck on board a truck heading from Palmerston North to Auckland.

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The SPCA says the pet is obviously owned by someone but doesn’t have identifying info. Source: Breakfast

They say they're not sure when the cat jumped on board but the female cat is "obviously owned".

A photo posted on the SPCA's Facebook page shows a small calico cat with yellow-green eyes and a pink glitter collar.

"Unfortunately, despite being obviously owned, no one has come forward for her so far and she has no microchip so we can get her home to her owners," the SPCA says.

The cat is currently recovering in foster care after being "shaken up" by the ordeal, the SPCA says.

"She'll be desexed, microchipped and put up for adoption if her owner still hasn’t been tracked down."

The SPCA encourages people to get their pets microchipped so they can be reunited in case they go missing.

The owner of the stowaway cat is urged to get in touch with the SPCA.