Storm the pit bull pup to be reunited with owners after three weeks trapped in ravine


Two-year-old pit bull, Storm, will be reunited with his owners tomorrow after being trapped in a ravine in Wellington for three weeks.  

Two-year-old pittbull Storm.

Two-year-old pittbull Storm.

Source: 1 NEWS

Severely dehydrated and malnourished, Storm is now recuperating at the SPCA animal hospital, hooked up to a drip. 

There's also concern about the dog's sight and he is undergoing further tests.

Storm is rescued from the ravine.

Source: 1 NEWS

It was another dog who discovered the trapped pup. A woman out walking with her dog in Porirua found Storm after her dog kept going back to the area where he was trapped.

It's not certain how Storm became trapped, but he was micro-chipped so his owners were able to be quickly located. 

Storm recuperates at the SPCA animal hospital.

Source: 1 NEWS

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