Step-brother of Grace Millane's killer apologises to her family – 'I'm just so incredibly sorry'

We can’t unmask Grace Millane’s killer for legal reasons, but we can now reveal what members of his family think about him and his crime.

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The man says his relative is a “pathological liar”, and he can’t imagine the pain her family is going through. Source: 1 NEWS

For those same legal reasons, we can’t show you their identity.

“It’s been incredibly hard for the family to come to terms with the enormity of everything, also quite divisive and our difference in views about the verdict.”

The now convicted killer’s step-brother says he was shocked when he first learned of the crime and initially thought it could have been an accident.

But when he saw the timeline of events, his view changed dramatically.

“He’s a pathological liar, that lies over pointless things and continues to lie until the point where he’s not got no out, absolutely no out, and then he just breaks down and cries and runs away.

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“He can’t do that anymore, thankfully, but it’s absolutely just terrible that a life had to be lost because of that.

Still, he doesn’t believe his step brother set out to kill Grace Millane.

“But in that moment he had the opportunity and he kept going and took Grace’s life.

“I don’t think it was a violence thing, to me, I think it was power, it just in a split moment, he enjoyed the power and kept going.”

He wanted to deliver a personal message to the Millane family.

“I’m just so incredibly sorry for their loss, to know it’s one of our family members, even though it’s not our actions, it’s very difficult, and I can’t imagine the pain and hurt and what’s they’ve had to go through.”