Stench of sea lettuce worst it's been in years, says Tauranga Harbour residents

Residents who live near Tauranga Harbour say the stink emanating from sea lettuce is the worst it's been in years.

The Tauranga Harbour's warmer waters combined with its depth and nutrients, make it a perfect home for the blooming algae.

Rebecca Joy-Lawton from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council says when all those factors align blooms of sea lettuce "accumulate" and can be a "bit of a nuisance".

The Tauranga District Council and the Regional Council spend $60,000 removing the dead algae from beaches.

But Carma Cunningham, a resident who lives on Beach Road, says the smell is getting "worse".

"It just hits you and after awhile you can even smell it in your house and as you walk out the door", she says.

The regional council says it's been monitoring sea lettuce since 1991 and although there has been some spikes, it says sea lettuce levels and nutrient levels are stable.

Tauranga Harbour