State house tenant faces eviction for letting nine homeless friends stay with her


A woman living in a state house faces eviction for letting nine other people live with her - but she says if she didn't help them, they would be homeless.

She says if she doesn’t help her friends, they’ll be homeless.
Source: 1 NEWS

Pauline Goodwin is living in the carport so her family and friends can live in the house.

"I'm not going to have children out on the street, that's not fair," she says.

"They need a place to call home, they need stability, you know?

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Source: 1 NEWS

"The real thing I'm really scared of is if they go out on the street then CYFS will step in and take their children off them."

Ms Goodwin is meant to live with just one other person, and Housing New Zealand has told her the rest have to go.

She admits she knows she is breaking the rules, but her guests say she is a God-send.

"She's actually a saint to be honest because if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have nowhere to live - we'd all either be in refuges or on the streets with our kids," one says.

Housing New Zealand has said in a statement that: "It is not safe or healthy or appropriate for them to be there", as well as suggesting that those who need accommodation should contact the Ministry of Social Development.

Ms Goodwin is left wondering why that same ministry can't help to find homes for those under her roof.

"What can they do to help these people? Why are we in this situation?"

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