Stargazers across NZ have another chance tonight to view bead-like string of satellites

The forecast is bright for starwatchers who want to spot the SpaceX Starlink satellites passing overhead tonight.

Wellington photographer Ricky Situ captured the SpaceX Starlink's satellites passing over Wellington last night. Source: Supplied

Wellington photographer Ricky Situ snapped the satellites in a stunning long-exposure photo last night, turning the tiny dots of light into bright streaks across the sky.

Tonight the forecast is just as good for a period across the country.

Depending on timing tonight, the satellites can either be seen as a long string of bright lights in the sky, or a variety of individual lights. 

The best time for Aucklanders will be between 8.30pm and 8.36pm, visible near the Orion constellation.

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The spectacle prompted speculation of UFOs when passing over the North Island yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS

It won't be as bright in Wellington but will last longer; the first pass at 8.37pm, another brighter one at 8.59pm, with other passes between 9.14pm and 9.34pm.

Christchurch also has a good chance of seeing it, with passes between 9.14pm and 9.34pm as well - but some cloud is forecast, which may block the view.

For the best chance at seeing the lights, try and get away from other light sources and head to a high vantage point with a clear view of the sky.

Get any photos of the lights? Send your photos and videos to, or via the 1 NEWS Facebook page.