Star Wars-obsessed father and son give back to Starship with massive Lego exhibition

A family are giving back to Starship by putting on an exhibition of hundreds of Star Wars Lego models. 

Johnathon Worsfold's bowels didn't work when he was born, and at Starship, Lego became his lifeline. Source: Seven Sharp

Darrin Worsfold owns 400 individual Star Wars figures.

It's a reasonable number when Lego is a lifeline for your only son. 

"What teenage boy from the 70's didn't like Star Wars? I thought it was absolutely awesome when I saw it. Had a fascination with it ever since," said Mr Worsfold. 

He is also pretty keen on Lego and collects it. 

"I did a rough tally, and it was well over a 100,000 pieces. The biggest model is 5,500 pieces," he told Seven Sharp.

For some reason people judge his collecting habits. 

"I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, but my wife would disagree, and my children would definitely disagree," said Mr Worsfold. 

Fortunately his son Johnathon loves Lego too, because he knows how the obsession with it really began.

"Probably when I was in hospital, that's where it all started from. Dad won a model competition with the X-wing. Brought it to pass the time when I was quite sick," said Johnathon.

When Johnathon was born his bowels did not work, and he was really sick, so Starship became a second home for him and his family.

"I lost count of the number of times we were told he won't survive, and he might not live through the night. And I'd take a model to pass the time," said Mr Worsfold. 

It was a time of terror, but ultimately triumph. 

Johnathon's mum made him a keepsake decorated with buttons to remember what he survived.

"Each of the buttons represents a general anaesthetic or operation that I've had, and I've lived through," said Johnathon.

He has had 185 operations and general anaesthetics, that's 185 grabs for life. 

"I'm still alive today. So pretty happy about it," said Johnathon.

That is the point of the exhibition, giving back to Starship, through Star Wars. 

People donate in an honesty box shaped like a Lego piece.

"We've already raised over a thousand dollars and we've only been going a few days."

The family that plays together, thanks to Starship, stays together.