Stage takes 59 hours to set up! Details of Adele's insane production en route to Auckland

Adele's 360 degree in-the-round production stage, which takes over 50 hours to set up, is currently being transported to her Auckland concert venue. 

The 'Hello' hitmaker will perform concerts on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights having rocked eight shows in Australia.

She is the record holder for the fastest selling tour in New Zealand by an artist, and the highest number of tickets sold in one day, in excess of 100,000.

One hundred and sixty five touring personnel and 140 local stage hands are currently prepping to bring "Adele Live 2017" to Mount Smart Stadium, where over 45,000 people will flock to watch her perform. 

The British singer's 140 tons of production equipment is being flown in two 747 freighters, making two return trips each from Melbourne to Auckland.

Parts of the stage have been shipped in 12x40 shipping containers which were shipped from Sydney on Wednesday and arrived in Tauranga on Saturday night.

Her stage is a whopping 25 metres in height, has 761 lights in the lighting rig and features 192 speaker boxes, each containing 1,280 individual speakers. 

Throughout her concerts, confetti is released from 122 confetti machines and video is screened above the stage, having 18,591, 744 video pixels. 

In total, the production equipment, which makes the British singer's show come to life, uses 2,880kw of power. 

Her concert is the first "in the round" stadium tour for 20 years.