Staff 'concerned' for jobs as Open Polytechnic plans to completely digitise

Plans to digitise the Open Polytechnic is causing concern among teachers, with staff fearing that they could lose their jobs.

The Open Polytechnic has been educating Kiwis for more than 70 years, but the Polytech wants to go 100 per cent online.

The proposal to go online is to make learning more flexible for its 30,000 students, the institution said.

But Senior Lecturer of Psychology, Heather Dill, said staff are concerned.

"It does put barriers in the things that make us unique and students want the access to specialists."

Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern said it wasn't "an issue I've looked at in depth".

"Obviously there's been a focus on increasing the number of students who are accessing certain courses."

It is estimated three-quarters of funding for tertiary providers comes from the Government.

The Open Polytechnic says it is committed to talking with staff. 

The Open Polytech wants to go 100 per cent online, but staff fear what that might mean for jobs. Source: 1 NEWS