St John calls to be fully funded by Government

St John Ambulance are calling for the Government to fully fund the service, saying the current level of financing is not sustainable. 

The call comes on the second day of St John's week-long annual appeal, one they hope will be the last. 

St John chief executive Peter Bradley said the Government currently funds 72 per cent of operating costs through the Ministry of Health and ACC. The other 28 per cent comes from ambulance charges and fundraising. 

"Although we will always fundraise for our community health programmes, we want this to be the last annual appeal where we have to ask the public to donate money to run an essential emergency service."

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They asked the Government for $350 million over four years so the service could be fully funded. 

Crews will not attend any non-emergency incidents today, as they are concerned private events are being prioritised over public treatment.
Source: 1 NEWS