Spooked horse and bikini top mishap among AA Insurance's most quirky claims

AA Insurance has released its quirkiest car, home and contents claims, with an agitated animal being the reason for one of several claims.

A horse caused $37,000-worth of damage after landing on a car bonnet. Source: Supplied

“The AA Insurance claims teams have seen it all over the years, from accidents caused by distracted drivers to those by agitated animals,” customer relations manager Amelia Macandrew said.

“A customer was driving a rental while her car was being repaired for another incident. Driving in a rural area she passed a horse that was grazing on the side of the road on a bank.

“It suddenly leapt from the bank and onto the bonnet of her car. Thankfully neither was hurt, and after the horse was caught it was tethered to a pole at the local Post Shop to await its owner. The car was a total loss however, at $37,000,” Macandrew said.

Another customer’s accident was the result of a contact lens flying out of her eye when she opened the car window.

“Lack of vision caused her to then rear-end the car in front of her, who was then shunted onto the car in front of them. The simple act of opening her driver window meant our customer caused a total of $6,300 worth of damage,” Macandrew said.

Another driving mishap occurred when a customer’s bikini top came undone while she was driving.

“When she went to grab it, she lost control of the car and drove into the back of the car in front, causing several thousand dollars’ worth of damage, if not a little embarrassment to herself,” Macandrew said.

Another customer’s roof and guttering were set ablaze after he attempted to destroy a wasp nest by setting bug spray alight after aiming it at the nest.

“While the resulting fire did the trick by removing the wasps, it also caused $100k worth of damage to his guttering and roof when they caught fire.”

And in a brewing venture gone wrong, one customer put her homemade ginger beer in the fridge, leading to a large explosion.

One ginger beer brewer's experience didn't go so well. Source:

“The ginger beer had broken the glass bottles it was stored in, as well as other items in the fridge, including a glass shelf and plastic cheese drawer,” Macandrew said.

“Broken glass became embedded in the fridge, cracked the outside plastic covering, and also made holes in the kitchen ceiling. The cost of the damage was almost $1,000.”